Welcome to the Grails Cheat Sheet

The quick reference guide that makes other frameworks jealous.

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Grails cheat sheet is a comprehensive quick-reference for the Grails framework.
Download and print it yourself or buy a poster.

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The cheat sheet is spread across four pages, one for each part of the stack. Print out all four, or just the ones you need (or buy the whole thing as a poster).

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Code samples are set in 12 point FreeSans, and explanatory text is in contrasting Robota Slab. Designed to be easy on the eyes when switching from your editor.

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The cheat sheet is available in three colour schemes: Solarized light and dark, and greyscale. Colours have been chosen and tweaked for readability.

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Setup and Structure

This page shows folders and files in the default Grails directory structure, actions available from the command lines, and an example Config.groovy file showing common options along with annotations

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Domain modelling

This page contains options to be used when creating your domain model - field types, mapping and constraints options, GORM events, and domain object methods - along with a set of annotated domain object source code files.

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Querying GORM

This page gives an overview of the three most common methods for querying in Grails - dynamic finders, where queries, and criteria. Examples are included for each method, based on the domain objects in the previous page.

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The web layer

This page covers material related to presentation, including a list of commonly-used GSP tags and variables, scopes, layout tags and redirect methods. It also includes a reference for the URL mapping DSL and custom taglib examples.

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The four different pages come in three different colours, and the download includes PDF files for both US letter and A4 paper.

Buy as a digital download for $3

The digital download contains separate PDF files for all four sheets in all three colour schemes, and includes files for printing on either US letter or A4 paper. Your files will be delivered instantly by email.

Buy the digital download for $3

Buy as a poster for $19.95!

Posters contain all four pages, measure 24" by 18" and are printed on matt paper. Click the thumbnails for a preview.

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